Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Filling up the well

ONE -- log cabin in the woods
TWO -- walks on the beach, equals
THREE -- different ways to kill a man.

Ahhh the beauty of getting back to basics.

Staring at the curling red bark of the arbutus trees outside my cottage window helped to peel away the clutter in my mind. I've returned home anxious to dive back into book two.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to get away from my everyday busy life to wind down and clear my head. Finally, I can hear that little voice inside my head that's prodding me to write. Sometimes her whisper gets drowned out by the dull roar of daily life.

Many times I find I need a mini vacation to bring myself into focus and a few days away is out of the question. In those cases, even a bubble bath will do. How do you escape when life gets so busy you can't hear your inner voice speak?


Rachel Vincent said...

Unfortunately, my inner voice doesn't just speak. She shouts. I sometimes have to drown her out with some forced relaxation. Which I'm overdue for, come to think of it.

My TBR pile is calling my name... ;-)

Wendy Roberts said...

Wish my muse would shout LOL. Maybe she does. Maybe my 4 kids are just a lot louder ha ha.

Hey, I could use something to add to my TBR pile ;-)