Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new week

I'm having a new week. I've bought a new (to me) vehicle; a 2008 Dodge Caravan. It's nice to have a new vehicle because my old van (2002 Windstar) known as Bessy # 2 was giving me all kinds of headaches. Bessy # 3 (new van) isn't exciting. It's a work horse. It will serve an important purpose like my fridge and stove. The salesman tried (and tried and tried) to get me excited about buying the vehicle. I explained that I drive a van because I have four kids and they always bring friends. I don't drive a van because I find it to be an exciting vehicular adventure.

Now I would've been very excited if the new vehicle was this -->

In keeping with my new week. I'm off to get my hair done this morning. Covering the gray is a definite and so is a cut. I'd like to go new in style but I'm likely to chicken out.

You see usually when I opt for new hair I have visions <-- of this

But usually I end up with
something like this -->

How about you? Anything new in your life this week?


Dru said...

Congrats on your "new" vehicle. Nothing new is happening in my corner of the world.

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on the new vehicle!

Nothing new going on around here either.

Your number one sis; said...

I can relate to the hair, color in a bottle has become my new friend but I find that the grey is relentless in its persute to come out a head. Trying to survive rain here in the 'peg which has turned to ice my poor youngest had to take public transit to school which in his eyes nearly killed him.

Anonymous said...

I got a new hair style this week. I now have bangs. Not sure if I like it or not but all the gray is gone.

Oh I'm bidding on a Charity lunch auction that if I win I'd had to fly to Vancouver.

:) Tiana

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks, Dru & Tori!

Sis, you made your poor baby take the bus?! ha ha :0

Tiana, send me a pic of your new hair! Hope you win the contest!

wend said...

Last year we treated ourselves to a new BMW. However, this year England has had its first decent snow in ages so the new thing I've had in the last couple of weeks is an appreciation of my old 4wd car - shame I don't own it anymore and I've had to slide around with rear wheel drive!
the other WR

Zed-Aitch said...

I am so with you about the hair. In fact, not so long ago, that second picture could have been my twin. Paternal, of course, but still...