Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hurray for Copy Editors!

As I wade through copy edits of Ghost Dusters Three, DEAD AND KICKING, I am just pleased as punch that I have such a wonderful copy editor to catch all my errors.

Without Becky Vinter my stories would baffle even the most forgiving reader. I'm only half way through the edits and already notice that Becky has saved my poor heroine from much unintended silliness.

For example, without Becky's keen eye Sadie would've been ...
"Standing" on the sofa across from Zack while they talked, instead of just sitting. Um. Sadie is so NOT Tom Cruise...

Becky also prevented Sadie from being called Money Pie instead of Honey Pie. This one cracked me up for ten minutes! I can just imagine some reader going through the story and being stumped by a "money pie" comment and thinking, "What the hell?!"

You might be thinking, "hey don't you read your stuff before you send it to your editor?" Of course I do. I swear. I even read it multiple times! So how the heck does this stuff (and a million other errors) slip through? Well, because I'm not perfect LOL! Of course both my editor and copy editor ARE perfect so I don't need to be :)

Today it's a gorgeous sunny day here. How are things where you are? Are you jumping on the couch with joy?


Dru said...

Today is a day full of gray skies and rain, but that's okay because tomorrow it will be in the 70s.

Your number one sis; said...

Today here in Winnipeg it was very sunny and warm with 17 C temperatures but relaxing was not in the picture as my youngest spent the day sandbagging as our city prepares for a flood. As always when my youngest volunteers it usually means I am the taxi, bearer of water and snacks.

wend said...

It's dull and grey here in England. It's officially spring and the blossom is on the trees so that means it's rain from now until Autumn!
other WR

B.E. Sanderson said...

No couch jumping for me. Not that things are good, they're just not couch-worthy. The weather is gloomy and cool. I'm a little stuck on my WIP. The queries are going well, though, so it all balances.

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru, hope you get out and enjoy those 70 temps!

Sis, good luck with the snacks & tell my nephews I'm proud of them.

Wend, you can't fool me. I was in London last July during a sunny heatwave so it's not all rain lol!

BE glad to hear the queries are going well! Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Tori Lennox said...

LOL re Sadie standing on the couch!

I once had a character tell somebody they sounded like a broken record. Only problem the book is set in the 1840s. *g* I cracked up when I realized what I'd done.

wend said...

London is a different story - they buy in weather for the tourist industry! We're up by the Welsh border with a long tradition of rain soaked summers! There's even a saying - 'its grim up north'!
other WR