Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Off Like a Herd of Turtles

Things are not moving as quickly as I'd like this week. Kids are back at school but it seems to be taking me longer than usual to hit my groove.

Things on my 'Must Do' list today:

* Walk the dog. Not a whimpy little walk that I've done lately but a serious long walk so I can get back into exercise.

* Must put away all the Christmas paraphernalia. Even though I've bagged and boxed numerous items, it still seriously looks like Santa threw up all over my house and yard.

* Need to prepare for a research trip to Seattle this weekend. Have to go through points I've made in my wip so I know what locations to visit while I'm there. Hey, I'll be signing Dead & Kicking at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop on Saturday so be sure to drop in if you're in the area!

So what's on your 'Must Do' list today?


Dru said...

Not much was on my to-do list today. I did some more work on my embroidery project and ran to the post office.

I hope you had a good Tuesday.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yesterday my to-do list included washing the kitchen floor, cleaning the cabinet doors, fixing Daughter's shower door and working on my rewrite. Oh, and reworking my blog's design... again. (It's a little different since you saw it the other night. Still soothing, but better.)

Love your herd of turtles, btw. I hope your groove speeds up soon. =o)