Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don’t Blog While You’re Hungry

I love to munch while I work. Snacking while typing can have horrible side effects. My ass has been known to double in size while I write a couple hundred pages. In the interest of saving the springs in my chair and the seams of my jeans, I’ve been experimenting with non-fattening snacks.

First of all, it’s gotta be salty. Roll a carrot in salt and I’d probably be fine except the salt won’t stick to the carrot. Baked potato chips sounded like the perfect alternative except I find they’re only tasty when slathered in Heluva Good French Onion dip. 

Lately I’ve been consuming lots of pretzels. After a while it’s a lot like sucking on sand.

I’m off to write chapter 10 of Ghost Dusters 4 and plow my way through a bucket of baked crackers.

So what do you crunch when you wanna munch but don’t want to increase your jean size?


Kris Starr said...

I guess I'm fortunate -- I don't like to eat while I type, I find it breaks my rhythm too much.

However, if I were to snack on something horrible, my downfall would be chips with French Onion dip. Doesn't really matter what brand, although the name brand ones are usually tastier. I just don't buy it anymore because I can easily eat most (if not all) of a tub in one sitting.

Bad, bad, bad.

I was about to suggest peanuts, but they're high calorie, too. What about edamame? Have you tried those? Flavoured crackers with a little bit of cheese? Hummus?

kr said...

Popcorn, homemade on the stove, with my own seasonings?

B.E. Sanderson said...

Have you tried making your own fat free dip using plain fat free yogurt or fat free sour cream? Throw some french onion soup in a tub of ff sour cream and mmmmm. Or ranch dressing mix...

And now I'm hungry. =op

Wendy Roberts said...

Kris, I do like edamame. Hmmmm.

kr, popcorn is yummy and my night time passion lol!

B.E. I think my problem is quantity. Fat free doesn't help if you consume MASSIVE quantities ha ha

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Eating and writng while on a treadmill or some other form of exercise equipment? Then instead of typing you could use voice recognition software?

Your number one sis: said...

I am a fan of "veggie chips" but I agree "Hell of a good dip" especially the new spicy cheese.