Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Lap

I’ve entered the final lap of the first draft of the yet to be named Ghost Dusters 4. Well, technically it HAS a name but I feel no point in sharing it as it’ll most likely change. 

I don’t want to confuse the issue by calling it Sadie Goes to Hollywood only to have my editor change it to Hell in Seattle and then you get all attached to Sadie Goes to Hollywood and try ordering it by that name down the road. Okay, now try and get Sadie Goes to Hollywood out of your head, okay?

I also have edits waiting for me on the book that I called Wrong Channel. Don’t get too attached to that name either because that’ll be changed too. When they asked for my input, I came up with The Billionaire’s Psychic Pregnant Secret Wife. My new editor said it was too long for the cover.

When it comes to naming books I usually just allow the Powers that Be (my editor and agent) to toss around something until they both have an AH HAH moment. I figure I write the other 80,000 words, surely they can be responsible for four or five, right? Besides, they’re just better at knowing what works on a cover and what doesn’t.

Right now I’m reading two books simultaneously: Sarah Paretsky’s Breakdown and The Bloggess’s  Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. They couldn’t be more different but I’m enjoying them both.

What are you reading?


wend said...

At the moment I'm not reading anything - I seem to go from reading lots to not at all for a while and then back again. Besides, I don't seem to find time at the moment, we are finally getting daylight after the long dark winter!

Wendy Roberts said...

Wend, we did have daylight but now the rains are back :( It's okay if you save your pretty brain until my books are out and then you can read the hell out of them ;)

Leslie Jensen said...

I am reading several books and I listen to audiobooks when I walk. I am reading In This Way I was Saved by Brian DeLeeuw (seems like it will be interesting) and The Missing Ink (A Tattoo Shop Mystery)by Karen E. Olson. Listening to 10th Anniv. by James Patterson. Sounds like you are moving right along on your books. Congrats on your progress and thanks for keeping us updated!

Jennifer Brand said...

Short story long: I was just looking at my bookshelf, saw the other three Ghost Duster books and thought to myself, "I wonder if another book is coming out soon!" I googled your name and found the blog...with this post! SO excited for another Ghost Dusters book! I will be happy with any title!
Side note: I have a terrible time with titles myself. I think it is because concision is a virtue I was born without.

Pat said...

Just finished The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection and Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch. Both gentle little stories, no murders, just life situations that are far funnier than what happens in my life!