Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Have a Title - Woot!

I’d jump for joy if I could! There is now a title for Ghost Dusters 4 - YAY!

It will be called DEAD SUITE. 
No release date yet but when I know, you’ll know.

I’ve also finished Book 5 of the Ghost Dusters - double YAY!!

I’m happily plugging away at the edits these days but I’m still experiencing excruciating shoulder pain (boo hiss). After weeks of physio, cold laser therapy, acupuncture and a cortisone shot I can safely say … I’m exactly the same, if not worse. Sigh. Surgery pending but don’t know when.

So in muted celebration here are some random things I’ve learned over the last few weeks:

* We use our shoulders for practically every movement and you don’t know that until scratching an itch makes you want to punch someone in the face.

* It’s possible to name a character Eddy in one book then totally forget him and name another random character Eddy in the next.

* I miss lemon meringue pie.

* Having a vacation to look forward to is one of my most favorite things.

* Having a book release to look forward to is even better.

* Wanting a new laptop is great but doing all the research to find a good one sucks all the joy out of it.

* That also applies to printers.

* When you’re hurting and miserable your dog will become an unruly, attention-seeking pain in the ass.

* If you clean out the vanity in your bathroom and discover a dozen nearly empty tubes of Aveeno hand cream, you may have a hand cream obsession.

* It is possible to love your physiotherapist and also hate her with a white hot fire that makes you want to skin her alive.

* Drinking coffee does not work well with most medications.

* I care more about my coffee habit than my stomach.

* I can read the same page ten times before I find one error but it only takes my editor one time to find ten errors.

So what are random things you’ve discovered lately? 


Leslie Jensen said...

So exciting two have two Ghost Dusters to look forward to. Sorry about the shoulder. I just pulled something in mine (not to steal your thunder) and have a bit of discomfort, so I can only imagine how bad yours must be. I hope the surgery gives you some much needed relief. I like your list of random observations. Very funny!

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks,Leslie! Be very careful of your shoulder. Mine started with a very minor injury but I wasn't as careful or as proactive as I should've been.

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Congrats on the progress of the books, and boo hiss on the shoulder! It is definitely is amazing how much you depend on your limbs! If surgery is necessary then I hope it works out and the healing time is quick.
Random things I have learned:
*Hmmm, well I find it amazing that I have a daughter graduating this year (yikes!). Going to a parents-of-grad meeting tonight.
*I never realized how many high-heeled boots and shoes I have that I can't wear this winter because of my @#$% nerve issue in my foot. Any how many are out there in the stores calling my name...
I think that is about it for now, but I am sure I could come back five minutes from now with more!

Wendy Roberts said...

Oh no *gasp*, Wendy, it sucks to have good winter boots go to waste. Seriously though *hugs* for the damn foot.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yay for the great title and for working on #5. I'm so happy you got the series started again. =o) Sorry about your shoulder, though. It's hard to get excited about the good things in life when you hurt. :hugs:

Heh, I felt the same way about my physical therapist - George. I loved that man, but the things he did to me made me want to shove his head through a plate-glass window. ;o)

One random thing I discovered (and was recently reminded of) is that my big loveable laid-back cat, Max, turns into a psycho shredding machine at bath time and medicine time.

Leslie Jensen said...

Thanks Wendy! I'm trying to be careful, but as you said it's so hard when you need your shoulder for everything. ;o(

Take it as easy as you can!

Wendy Roberts said...

Are you still going to physio, B.E.? Has George been wearing a helmet (just in case)? Sounds like Max knows how to say NO ha ha!

Leslie, try to do lots of icing when it hurts

Dru said...

Congrats on your book title. I'm happy to know there will be a fifth book. Yahoo!

Sorry about the shoulder.

B.E. Sanderson said...

No, Wendy. This was years ago. (Ack, now that I think about it, almost 19 years ago. Shows how big an impression George made on me, though.)

Your number one sis: said...

I am now having phantom pain my shoulder thinking about my poor sister :( It is amazing how you can overcome such pain and write amazing books I am so proud. My random observation is how I have tooo many shoes but still have a need to obtain more. Take care!