Friday, May 11, 2007

The Weekend

It's the weekend to honor good ol' mom, or as my in-law's say "mum". It's a not-so-big day for me.

I always feel a little sad on Mother's Day because my own mother is in Winnipeg and that's just too far for a one-day visit. I've sent her a nice gift but it's not the same as sitting around gabbing for hours and stuffing your face together at a local buffet.

So on Mother's Day my kids will wake me up early with breakfast in bed (don't want mom to sleep the day away!). Breakfast will be toast that's only kind of toasted and soggy with too much jam and coffee so weak you can see to the bottom of the cup. I'll eat the toast and drink the coffee and enjoy it like a gourmet meal. Next, I'll read all their colored greeting cards and open all the presents bought using their precious allowance coins.

After that, my own personal Mother's Day time is pretty much over because the matriarch of the family (mother-in-law) loves to go to the horse races. Even though that's not something I enjoy doing, we've gone with my hubby's family for a dozen years so I guess it's now a tradition. At least the weather this year is supposed to be nice.

Does your family doing anything special on this not-so-big day?

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