Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fruit Fly Invasion

I know. Anyone who studies the timeline for body decomposition shouldn't break into a sweat at the site of pesky tiny flies but I can't help it. These things drive me absolutely NUTS!

I like to have fruit in the house. Who doesn't? It's a quick healthy snack. When the kids want to reach for chips or chocolate I'm quick to point out healthier choices like the bowl of apples on the counter. Except a couple weeks ago I had to ban practically all fruit from the house until I got rid of the damn fruit flies.

I talked about it to my good friend and author Mary Forbes who, by the way, has a great new book out (Red Wolf's Return). Mary recommended I spray my house plants because apparently these little dudes will lay eggs in there. *shudder* Thanks Mary. For days I was convinced my African Violets had turned against me! However I took the time to spray all my household plants and investigate them all carefully. No bugs.

After declaring our house fruit fly free (say that 10 times fast) I took a risk and loaded up on apples, bananas and, yes, even berries at the market. And now THEY'RE BACK.

I'm open to suggestions.


Julie Korzenko said...

Fruit flies are evil, vindictive and shady creatures. I'm plagued with them every spring and fall. You have to break their breeding cycle which means no attractive fruit for several weeks. Also, make certain you put away sponges and wipe up wet spots on the counter. Did you check the soil your plants are potted in?

Anissa said...

They're very attracted to vinegar. I use apple cider vinegar. Put it in a cup and cover the cup with plastic wrap. Then cut a hole in the top. They will fly in and eventually drown. This doesn't exactly solve the whole problem, but it will at least kill the ones that are swarming around. They drive me crazy too! Good luck!

Wendy Roberts said...

Julie I did check the soil but I'll check again.

Anissa will regular vinegar do the trick? I'm off to put out a cup of it now!

Mary J. Forbes said...

Hey Wendy--Thanks bunches for the plug about Red Wolf's Return! Now about those nasty li'l critters we discussed the other day... Keep up the great soil spraying once a week. :) If they're still around after the fruit's gone, they'll be hunting for spots to birth their offspring--and what better place than a patch of damp, spongy earth? Ick... Think I'll go dig out *my* Safer soap now... LOL