Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Allhallows Eve

My house is looking particularly ghoulish. We've got a number of skeletons lurking right near the door. Under the crime scene tape. Beside the gauzy mummy. Next to the blood soaked scarecrow.

There is also enough candy in the house to sink a large ship.

How do you celebrate Halloween?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I lost count of the number of bags of candy I bought, but we've already eaten half. I keep a big plastic bag of candy around Halloween. I take some out and put it into the candy bowl, and then refill the bag with trips to the grocery store.

Other than that, we don't do much for Halloween any more. The kid's a teen, and she's the one passing out the candy now. I did get our pumpkin yesterday, though. I'll leave it to her to carve it.

Wendy Roberts said...

Does your kid do a standard scary pumpkin carving, or is she more into these new fangled jackolanterns with the traced outline of something elaborate?