Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Times

Where else but at a writers' conference can you get a group of people you've just met to wear nose glasses? I brought the glasses as a tool for my Laughing All The Way To The Morgue workshop. When I saw I was the presenter at the humour table for the genre lunch, I couldn't resist sharing them there as well and these great sports quickly showed me their silly side.

The conference was a whirlwind of activity. There were some serious moments too as I critiqued work during the Blue Pencil appointments. I was on the other side of the table getting my own work critiqued at this very same conference a few years ago.

I was on a Genre Bending panel with Diana Gabaldon who is a delightful lady and an eloquent speaker. She was very patient after the panel when I went on and on about how much I admire her talents.

My workshop on laughter was a giggling hit. Although I did make the attendees do real work in the way of writing exercises, they stepped up to the plate and wowed me with their talents.

Truly one of the best parts of the conference is spending time with old friends and new. This picture shows author Mary J. Forbes (left), Harlequin editor Johanna Raisanen, myself and author Nancy Warren as we left the Saturday night banquet.

Good times.


B.E. Sanderson said...

Welcome back, Wendy. Sounds like you had a great time. I trust the public speaking parts went well. I knew you could do it. =oD

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks b.e.! The speaking parts went well. I found myself extremely nervous sitting next to Diana Gabaldon on a panel though. It was hard not to grab her and gush about being a big fan LOL.