Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I've been working on the copy edits for Devil May Ride. It's going smoothly but it's taken my mind out of Book 3 and put me in total edit mode.
Edit mode is also conducive to cleaning mode.
I don't know why, but when I'm in full writing-new-stuff mode the cleaning just doesn't happen. However, the minute there is editing to be done, my thoughts go to "Edit that page!" then immediately jump to "Get those dust bunnies!"

So between sessions at the computer, I'm trying to clean out closets. I'm not a pack rat but I live with one so it's not as easy as it sounds! Since the seasons are changing on the West Coast and *finally* resembling more summer weather, I've got clothes to go through too. Not just for myself but for the 3 boys (my daughter does her own). I used to take all the real winter stuff and put it in suitcases until the following year. Except lately we've been needing the suitcases too much. Now I've got a stack of those rubber bins to load up but if I stick 'em in the closet they take up too much room and if I put them in the garage they stand the chance of being forgotten in that deep, dark hole.

Does your brain link non-creative tasks with housework? What do you do with your change of season clothes?


B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, my brain doesn't link anything with housework. I just get to a point where I can't stand the mess anymore and I clean furiously for a while. I do try to swap out the seasonal clothes when the weather breaks - everything heavy goes out to our extra dresser and everything light comes into the bedroom. (And vice versa in the fall.) I wish I had enough room in one dresser for everything, but no such luck.

Anissa said...

I'm with B.E. Nothing motivates me to clean. Ugh.

Hey, was thinking of you today as you have been know, like me, to have fruit fly problems. ;) I discovered the magic I left a half glass of white (sweet) on the counter and it was like fruit fly crack. They couldn't stay away. Now this was completely by accident, but good to know. By morning most had drowned their sorrows and bothered me no more.

Have a good one!

Wendy Roberts said...

b.e., I like your extra dresser idea but have no idea where I'd put it :/

Anissa, drunk fruit flies sound like the way to go! I haven't had any fruit flies yet *knock wood* but I've got the wine ready, just in case ;)

Patry Francis said...

The only time I'm motivated to clean is when I'm desperate to procrastinate--usually during a first draft.

Cindy Procter-King said...

LOL, I just cleaned the mud room closet and the linen closet today. Both were bursting, and the mud room closet still held winter stuff. It doesn't matter if I'm doing new writing or revising. I don't like cleaning, but I've had the mud room closet on my to-do list for two months now, and sooner or later it has to get done, or I can't do the next thing (updating photo albums - way more fun).