Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musings

Had a fun weekend. Together with friend and author Mary J. Forbes I gave a workshop at the Greater Vancouver Chapter of RWA on collaging. Lots of chatting, cutting, pasting and brainstorming. In the end a lot of great magazines gave way to some fabulous story collages. Fun!

This week I've got a ton of stuff to accomplish. Number one on the list is to write at least fifty pages of book 3. I had to pause in writing for the last few days in order to get some research done but now I'm good to go. What are your plans for the week?

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Marianne said...

Yikes! Fifty pages in a week??!! I'm gobsmacked - and just a little humbled. :-o

I got four pages written yesterday afternoon - between distractions and incoming mother in law rants on the phone - and grumbled that I thought I'd written more than I had. But fifty pages - lady, you're on a roll! Good on you...


Your number one sis; said...

It is amazing how you can focus between writing and raising a family. My goal this week is to stay patient with my youngest teenager who I think is trying to put into an early grave, thank goodness for my yoga classes.

Anonymous said...

Work, work, work. Oh, and work.


Mary J. Forbes said...

Hey Wendy!

It was a fun workshop, wasn't it?
We'll have to do it again sometime. :)

Kudos on all those pages!! Yipeeee!!