Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Grateful

I'm off for a few days but in light of U.S. Thanksgiving this week, I'm reminded of my old gratitude journal that I haven't visisted for a while. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? It was a daily habit that was on my night table for years and slowly I got away from it. This morning I wrote in it that I'm grateful for family, friends and my health. Although my health isn't the best right now, I'm determined to work on that in the weeks ahead.

I'm also grateful for my work. Even though there are times I can't get to writing, like now, I still find that eagerness inside myself to get a story onto paper.

How about you? What are you grateful for?

I'm away but all comments up until midnight Dec. 1st are still entered into my contest to win Ghost Dusters books and $100 to spend at Amazon!


Tori Lennox said...

I'm grateful for my friends and family. And wonderful books to read. :)

wend said...

I'm grateful that my office wasn't one of the offices earmarked to close - a few nail biting weeks while we waited for the announcement! I feel sorry for the 1500 people in the 5 offices that will be losing their jobs though and we're not out of the woods yet as they will be looking to close more in 2 years time...
other WR

Jane said...

I'm also grateful for the support of my family and friends and that we'll be able to get together for the holidays.

Dru said...

I'm grateful for my family and friends and waking up every morning. Like Tori, I'm grateful for great books to read.

Enjoy your time off.

Gladys Swedak said...

I'm grateful for my family and friends who carry me through the hard times of loss. I'm grateful for authors who give me hours of pleasure. Sometimes I don't even watch the program that is on, I'm too into the book. I'm grateful for having wonderful pets that give unconditional love. It is the loss of them that hurts the most sometimes.
There are many more things I'm grateful for but too many to put here.
Yes I just started a grateful journal the beginning of November.