Monday, November 19, 2012

The Elephant in the Room (e-readers vs paperbacks)

It’s time we talked about the elephant in the room. More precisely, the elephant in MY room. And by elephant I mean the emails I’ve been getting and comments surrounding the controversy over e-reading vs paperback.

First let me say I LOVE my readers. I know lots of authors say that, but I’ve got a special file with emails  received from fans. If that sounds stalkerish I apologize but being an author is lonely work and sometimes you need the encouragement and opinions of people who you’ve never met. Weird, right? In my defense I write paranormal murder mysteries so there is no way to be “normal”.

My readers are wise, wonderful, witty women. Oh and great men too (sorry Jack). And you are better than most people in the world because you actually read. If you’ve read a book in the last year you’re already a million times better than a person who, say, would rather watch reruns of Miami Vice instead of pickup a book.

Back to the emails.

In January, Carina Press will be publishing GROUNDS TO KILL. In February, Penguin will be publishing DEAD SUITE (Ghost Dusters 4) and in May they will also be publishing Ghost Dusters 5. I am super pumped about this!

All three of those stories are coming out as e-books only at this point.

Did I work just as hard on these e-books as I did on my paperbacks? Yes. (Harder if you count the fact that I had to finish one book only typing with my right hand since I hurt my left shoulder.)

Could they eventually come out in print? Maybe. That will depend on sales.

Did I do this to piss you off because you only read “real” books? No. I wish I could wave a magic wand and please everyone. Hell, I wish I had a magic wand just so I could summon a cabana boy to deliver me a latte every hour!

Did I have a say in whether or not these books got published only as e-books? Sure. I could’ve said no to their offers and they, in turn, may have refused to publish the stories. This is a business and, like most businesses, publishers need to make a profit or they will go the way of the Dodo bird and my first word processor

Now, for all of you on my newsletter list there will be a contest to win an e-reader!! *YAY* If you already have an e-reader *YAY* you can choose a gift card to Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or somewhere else that sells books. 

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In unrelated news, I’m getting my hair done tomorrow to cover up the gray hair that comes with having 4 teens and writing 3 books in 15 months. What are you doing?


Anonymous said...

First of all, I love your books and am so glad that there are new ones coming out, they had me simultaneously crying and creeped out.

I was a dedicated book reader until I got an iTouch for my birthday and installed an e-reader app. I still read and buy books, but I do get ebooks if they are cheaper, if I want to try out a new author or if the book is only available electronically. I'll always love books, but the best thing about e-books is that they are instant, which is great when you are at that 'I *have* to know what happens next' in a series!

I imagine that the publishing business is changing as more smaller publishing houses are releasing ebooks... What it comes down to is that more great stories are available to the reader and I for one am *really* excited about reading your new books :)

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks so much!! I read on my ipad but, yes, I still buy paper books too. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am slowly getting through my backlog of books I have read, but keep on getting distracted with new ones :)

Laura Hamby said...

I came, I read, I think I signed up for your newsletter. Now to go type in the code to prove I am not, contrary to the niece and nephew who call me Auntie Robot, a robot.

Leslie Jensen said...

Hi Wendy -

I still do the majority of my reading the old-fashioned way. I have a fascination with book covers - not sure why! With that being said, I am not opposed to e-readers. Especially, when traveling!

I hope you're not getting any grief from fans about your books being e-books this time around! I am happy to get them however they are published and really like that there are three newbies coming before summer 2013. What a treat! I am so excited for you and for us (the fans).

How's the shoulder doing?

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

I have an ereader and love it to death! That being said, I also love paper books. There are some books that I don't worry so much about having the physical copy, but there are some, especially if I already have books in the series, that have to be paper copy. Your books, my dear, i have all in paper except for your first which I have an electronic copy! So, no matter how you release your books, I will buy and read them!! I am pretty sure I am on your mailing list but I will have to sign up again.
I just "washed the grey right out of my hair" last night! Now i look like a younger me (yeah right)! What else am I up to? I get to go stand out in the rain in a picket line tomorrow.... wooooohooooo......

Wendy Roberts said...

Laura, I've always suspected you're a robot :O

Thanks, Leslie! I wouldn't say I'm getting "grief" but I think some readers are disappointed and I hate that. Shoulder is not bad ... waiting surgery date. Thanks for asking & thanks for being a friend & fan!

Wendy, thanks for being such a great support!! While you're picketing I'll be in the rain watching a football game. Is it wrong of me to wish they'd lose in playoffs? Never mind ...

B.E. Sanderson said...

I don't care whether your books are coming out as hardcopy books, ebooks or someone hummed them through their noise onto an old scratchy cassette tape. As long as they're coming out.

Have fun getting your hair done. I think about coloring mine sometimes, but for now, I'm embracing the grays. I earned them. ;o)

Leslie Jensen said...

Wendy - There is so much negativity these days, my wish is that people would focus on the positive. As you said, What if you had passed on this offer and we had no books to look forward to? Just something to ponder for those that are "disappointed".

I'm glad the shoulder isn't too bad right now. There is nothing worse than nagging pain you can't get away from. Keep us posted on the surgery date!

Leslie Jensen said...

I just noticed that almost everyone on here has a blog! Geez -now I feel like a slacker.

Wendy Roberts said...

B.E. you had me snorting coffee out my nose at the visual of humming my stories onto cassette tape lol!!

Leslie, you're right about the negativity & you're definitely not a slacker!

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Wendy I hope you were not sitting at your laptop when you snorted the coffee out of your nose! I will think of you sitting in the rain while I am walking in the rain! Your rain is probably warmer than ours though.

B.E. those of us who remember cassette tapes are a dying breed! (even fewer remember 8-tracks or 45s) Maybe we need Wendy to make us a mixed-tape featuring her reading excepts from her newest books!

Take care of that shoulder Wendy, and I hope your surgery date comes soon!

Dru said...

I'm looking forward to reading all three books.

I read on my kindle or nook or sometimes my iPad and yes, I still read printed book. It's all about the reading experience.

Your Number One Sis: said...

As you already know I purchased my Kobo in anticipation of your ebooks but have since become addicted to Angry Birds. Darn those apps. I love paperbacks and always travel with one tucked inside my purse. I am currently trying to read all the books nominated for the MYRCA award so I can do some recommending to my students (you can't recommend if you don't read). Always a true fan of your series and looking forward to your newest addition.

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks, Wendy!

Yes, Dru, you're right. It is all about the experience!

Yes, Sis, we both got bitten by the reading bug for sure ... and we're both hooked on those damn birds ha ha!