Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you have GROUNDS TO KILL?

Asking people if they have GROUNDS TO KILL has brought me some interesting looks and even more interesting replies. I get anything from "Grounds to kill who?" to "Hell yeah I do!"

Even more interesting are the Google Alerts I receive in my inbox each day. A Google Alert allows Google to email me links to sites that mention Grounds to Kill so that I know who's talking about it, who's reviewing it, and, apparently, who has grounds to murder their spouse. You may be surprised to learn that there are many more people out there trying to justify homicide than reading my book. 

However, YOU are not one of those people, right? 
YOU are one of my kind, considerate, enthusiastic readers, right?
And, if you're not, you soon will be, right?

I'm almost positive you've come to my blog to read about my latest book and not because you're looking to justify the killing of someone. I hope so.

Please buy my book instead of murdering someone. 

If you HAVE considered killing, maiming, or even maligning someone who's done you wrong feel free to confess all in the comments. I won't judge you. I've been there.


wend said...

The thought did cross my mind once...
My other half had an ex girlfriend who just didn't get the message. he lived at his parents at the time and she would show up there, just walking in and pretending that all of a sudden she was his mother's best friend. So he moved out and moved in with me... she applied for a job at our office! and got it!!! She finally left about 5 years later but it was not fun being the subject of her 'stories' in the meantime.
Do you think I could have justified a 'hit'?

Wendy Roberts said...

Wendy, I think that would absolutely justify a little hurting!! Good thing she finally left. Sheesh some people!!

Leslie Jensen said...

I think we've all had a person or two that tested our boundaries! A woman that became my boss some years back was one of the most awful and evil people I've ever met. Luckily, I was already working on a transfer within the company, but those were the toughest 2 months I had endured to date. I'm a pretty go with the flow, get along with everyone type of team player, but I don't hide my feelings, so we went toe to toe just about every day. Once I was long gone from that division, she lasted at the company 10 months until she made so many enemies that they told her to quit or she would be fired! I tried to tell the people that hired her they would be sorry (I had worked with her as a vendor), so many months later when that division VP was visiting, I got the redemption of hearing that I was right and he should have listened!

Can you tell, I'm still a bit bitter! Ha!

Leslie Jensen said...

Wend - I can't believe that your husband's ex came to work at your company and stayed for 5 years!!! That borders on psycho! You must be a really nice person! ;o)

wend said...

said 'Psycho' claimed that she wasn't interested in him and that I was just possessive (I'm really not!). However, she used to go and spill the beans to her best friend who in turn used to chat to a colleague at work about her poor friend and the evil woman who had stolen her boyfriend. Little did she know that her colleague was actually my best friend! I later attended a party at the friends house and came clean to her - we became friends and the psycho was left out in the cold!!

Leslie Jensen said...

Wend - How funny! Karma is a b-----, as I'm sure "Psycho" has learned by now. People like that are always in constant drama!