Friday, November 17, 2006

A day in my life

6:00 a.m. – Alarm goes off and I stumble downstairs to make coffee.

6:10 – Coffee at my side, I check my emails. Read two digests, reply to one fan letter and delete three spam.

6:15 – Open Word and read a few paragraphs of what I wrote yesterday. Resist urge to delete everything and, instead, get more coffee.

6:30 – Kidlets wake up and make grumbling demands for food and attention. I make breakfasts and school lunches then drive them to school.

8:15 – I’m sitting in my car with my Alphasmart typing while listening to the weather report. It’ll be cold and raining. Again. I get two pages written.

9:00 – Back home. More coffee. More email. Read my favorite blogs.

9:15 – Upload the two pages from my Alphasmart and find it’s three pages – yay! I settle in and write more.

10:15 – More coffee. Online shopping (Oh good! Son number 2’s birthday gift is in stock.)

10:30 – Back to writing.

11:30 – Go grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. I grumble the entire time and complain to the produce clerk they should do home delivery. He doesn’t care.

12:30 – return and read what I’ve written. Decide it’s garbage and delete half. Agonize. Then decide it was better than I thought and re-insert the scene (luckily it was only temporarily suspended in a wait-and-see file).

1:30 – I have a small epiphany about how to make a particularly gruesome scene more tasteful. The scene practically writes itself and I’m pleased.

2:45 – Where has the day gone? I hustle out the door to pick up kidlets from school. Then spend hours doing mommy stuff (homework, dinner, driving to piano, Taekwondo and dance lessons)

9:00 – Kidlets are tucked in. I spend an hour packing boxes (8 days until I move!) while watching My Name is Earl and The Office.

11:00 – Open Word and make a couple notes about what I want to write tomorrow.

11:30 – Off to bed with Jane Porter’s fabulous book Flirting With Forty (Buy it. You'll love it.). I dream of Hawaii . . .


Latesha said...


Sounds like you keep a hectic schedule. I don't know how you find the time to get anything written, but I'm glad that you do. Have a super week. Hope that you enjoy Jane's book. It was great and she is a sweetheart.

Wendy Roberts said...

Hi Latesha!

I hope you have a super week too. I've finished Jane's book now and, yes, it's great.

Hope you pop in again soon!