Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ten Things I hate about moving

1. Strangers touching my stuff.

2. Strangers breaking my stuff.

3. Strangers losing my stuff. Where is my favorite, ancient Random House dictionary?!

4. Moving men who wear low-rise jeans that have no right to wear low-rise jeans.

5. Kids asking, “Mom, where is my (insert name of stupid toy that could be in any one of a hundred boxes marked ‘toys’)”

6. Not knowing which box holds the cutlery and dishes even though there should be boxes labled ‘cutlery / dishes’

7. Not remembering that it would be a good idea to have toilet paper available for the bathrooms.

8. Hearing the words ‘oops’ when boxes marked ‘fragile’ are carried into the house.

9. Seeing the new neighbors are popping in ‘just to say hi’ at the moment I’m about to lose my mind.

10. Being too exhausted to unpack the linens and knowing I'll end up sleeping under thin Pooh Bear sheets.


Anonymous said...

Wendy, I so hear you! Every grumble on your list is one on mine--and then some. Still, with all our transfers I kept expecting the next move to flow like water--and without a ripple. Ha!

Glad you're 'home' again! :)


Wendy Roberts said...

Hi Mary!
At least we managed to get everything moved to the new place before the snow hit. Now I just need to find the kidlets' snow gear. I know it's somewhere . . .