Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mother Nature can be a real ...

Mother Nature had a temper tantrum this weekend. She huffed and puffed and created 100 km winds to knock down trees in my area and *bam* no power for days.

Last night when the power was finally restored the children were thrilled and I hugged my computer. It's interesting trying to live a modern life without the benefits of electricity. We all read a lot which is a good thing but everyday things still needed to be done. Laundry had to go to the laundromat. Meals were brought in, eaten out or eaten cold. One day I made grilled cheese sandwiches on the barbeque.

The tree in our front yard was a mass of red a few days ago but the wind stripped it bear, except for three leaves. I laughed at the tenacity of those leaves. They hung on for dear life refusing to go on someone else's schedule. They wanted to do it in their own time and would not be bullied.

Mother Nature blew the cobwebs out of my head. Today I'm ready to get down to work. How is the weather where you are?


Anissa said...

Wow! That's crazy!

I think the weather aroundhere is finally starting to break. We were above average and in the 90s until earlier this week. Ugh. I'm ready for some cool weather.

P.S. I love that those three leaves hung on! :)

Wendy Roberts said...

Nineties sounds really good about now. Hmmm. Maybe we could trade for a day or two ;-)

spyscribbler said...

Gray, LOL. Not too cold, but not warm enough. I'm ready for snow to go with my Christmas lights!

Jana DeLeon said...

Well, it's winter in Texas - ha! Which means that yesterday at lunch, it was 85 degree, then two hours later, it had dropped to below 70. It will probably be 80 again before Thanksgiving.

LOL on the grilled cheese - I love them!