Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Clean Slate

This was my view on New Year's Day. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I'm used to winters that are often wet but seldom white. Most of the time I prefer it that way. This year though we went on a short ski holiday. There's something about looking out onto a pristine mountainside dipped in fluffy snow that made me think the year ahead was just like my Word page. White. Clean. Just waiting for me to fill it up with my ideas. Maybe a little blood'n gore ;-)

I didn't officially make resolutions but I did set short-term and year-long writing goals. How about you?


spyscribbler said...

It seems I set the intention of changing my life for the better, but I've been testing out different ways to live my life.

At this rate, I'll be finalizing my New Year's resolutions in June. But whatever works, LOL!

Wendy Roberts said...

"testing out different ways to live my life" Hmmm. That sounds very intriguing! I love the idea of testing out different ways. It makes it gives more choices, doesn't it!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I don't do resolutions either. The only goal I made for myself is to do writerly stuff for at least an hour every day. I seem to get more done that way then if I say I'm going to accomplish X thing by Y time.

Anissa said...

I love your comparison of the snowy mountainside to your Word page. Very nice. :)