Sunday, April 13, 2008

Caught in the Act

This weekend I spent an afternoon at my local Surrey library along with a few other local authors. It was a great meet and greet the public setup with panel discussions and author readings.

And what was I doing while everyone was bustling around and I was supposed to be preparing my table?April the librarian snapped this photo of me sitting quietly reading Lisa Gardner's Alone. Proof positive that my love of books can often take precedence over and above any other work I should be doing.

Do you ever curl up with a book when you really, really should be doing something else? Oh and what are you reading right now?


conley730 said...

I read a lot when I should be doing something else. I just can't help it. Once you get into a page-turner, you just can't put it down. Right now I'm reading Allison Brennan's Speak No Evil. I just started it, but I have a feeling that soon I won't be able to put it down.

Marianne said...

Dang, waay to often. And sometimes I run away to a book when life gets tough. Urk.

What am I reading:
"The Ode Less Travelled" by Stephen Fry
"Bloodline" by Fiona Mountain
"Digger: The Story of the Australian Soldier" 1959 by John Laffin
"Rynosseros" (rereading) by Terry Dowling
"The Curious Gardner's Almanac"

Depends what I'm in the mood for before sleep takes me. :-D