Thursday, April 03, 2008

Use it All

So as I'm writing the third book in the series I'm stumbling across an old temptation. The temptation to weed through the ideas that spring to my mind and leave something on the table for another book. In my head I'm going "Oh that's good! Too good. Maybe I'll save it for a different series." It's a bad habit.

Part of writing is faith in the process, in ourselves and in the well of ideas. Many writers want to set something aside, particularly if they're writing a series. "Oh I'll leave that crazy ol' grandma character for another manuscript because I've already got enough good stuff in this book." Yes, it's sooo tempting but don't do it. Don't leave anything behind.

Whether it's writing a story or plugging away at another task have faith in your own ability to refill that well when the time comes. Use up all the good stuff now because there'll be more. Don't hoard it away.

Are you ever tempted to tuck away good bits of your talent for later?


Chandra Rooney said...

Hmm... nope. Throw it in! I also don't believe saving ideas until I'm a "good enough" writer.

spyscribbler said...

Janet Evanovich said that, too!

conley730 said...

I agree. Throw it all in now. You may not be able to use it later!