Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cataclysmic Events

I love that word, cataclysmic. There are just not enough times in our life when we can use it.

A cataclysmic event is defined as a violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change. Kind of like the picture above where the skies of Chile became an incredible brew when a volcanic eruption combined with a lightning storm.

My own cataclysmic event was discovering a new character while writing book 3. Usually I receive drips and drops of a character and I need to mold and coax them to fit my needs. This character came to me fully formed and ready to save the scene. As I wrote her into the book I actually got chills. Sort of like when my 12 year old son vacuumed without being asked or threatened.

I think I'll make it my goal to use cataclysmic more often in my every day vocabulary. It'll spice things up!

Anything cataclysmic happening with you these days?


conley730 said...

That is a great picture. My cataclysmic events are Twin A & Twin B! Most days are good, but those days when they're in rare form could definitely be defined as cataclysmic.

I'm glad Book 3 is going well. I can't wait for Devil May Ride to come out. I loved Remains of the Dead.

Tori Lennox said...

Managing to get a half page written early this morning was fairly cataclysmic for me. :)

Wendy Roberts said...

Conley, I can definitely see defining twins as cataclysmic!!

Tori, half a page some days is a miracle LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Agnes van den Bergh said...

I too love the photo above, would be grand if u could post on my fb? The word cataclysmic event is very strong & huge in my mind, yes I agree it is nt used in our everyday life, for obvious reasons.