Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Cards

For years I resisted the urge to buy gift cards for presents. It just felt so impersonal.
However, I've slowly come around and I've found myself buying a few gift cards here and there.
Teachers get gift cards for coffee as Christmas gifts and some teens on my list will get gift cards too. I have to mail a bunch of gifts and, hey, there's no denying gift cards are cheaper to mail then, say, golf balls.

I admit a Starbucks card makes my day.

How about you? Are you on the gift card bandwagon? Do you like getting them?


wend said...

People in the UK are wary of them at the moment as so many of our shops are going into receivership and leaving you with a worthless giftcard! This month we have lost Woolworths! That said some friends of ours have opted for a similar type of thing for their wedding - instead of having a gift list, they are taking money towards their honeymoon and have set up an account at a travel agents!
other WR

Jane said...

I like to buy and receive gift cards. I think it's great because the person can pick out what they want.

Wendy Roberts said...

WR, we had Woolworths here but it closed years ago :(

Jane, you make a good point. It is nice to pick out what you want.

Tori Lennox said...

I love getting gift cards! Especially for stores where I can use them online like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million. :)

Wendy Roberts said...

Tori, me thinks you like books just a little bit LOL!

Dru said...

I love gifts cards because you can get what you want and like Tori, it's all about the books.

Marianne said...

A nice giftcard for Joann's can give me a great and relaxing couple of hours feeling up fabric and patterns. :-) A bit of my time. Book giftcards are always welcome, because there are always more books to buy. :-D


Tori Lennox said...

Gosh, what gave it away? *g*