Friday, December 12, 2008

Winner of the Spot the Book contest is:

Becky Hutchison!!

She spotted Devil May Ride at the Barnes & Noble in Annapolis MD.

Congrats Becky! Thanks to everyone who took the time to spot (and buy!!) Devil May Ride!

Today is a day where I must get a lot done so I'm making a list. Top of the list is a phone meeting with my editor and the second item is laundry. Can't write if the pile of clothes topple over and kill me lol!

What are the top two things on your To Do list today?


Tori Lennox said...

I suppose I should try to get some writing done. Even though I'm not much in the mood to play with my characters. All they want to do is kiss. Maybe somebody should take a pot shot at them.....

Wendy Roberts said...

Tori, I always say if things are getting dull in the story, kill someone LOL!

wend said...

I have to:
1. Stop eating crisps (or chips as you guys would say) and
2. Do my ironing - other half has run out of shirts!
The real question is, do I want to do either of the above and the answer is, of course, NO!!!
The weather here in England is miserable and I've already had one soaking this morning walking the dogs. I just want to light a fire, sit back with my book(!) and comfort eat. too much to ask?
The other WR

Jane said...

I have to finish putting up the decorations and I need to shop for presents.