Thursday, January 01, 2009

List Makers

Lately I've been busy with lists.
Lists with points about the revisions on book 3.
Lists that are my day-to-day To Do lists that seem to grow longer and longer.
Lists about the many ways I could accomplish losing 10 pounds in just a few days.

How about you? Are you a list maker? What's on your list today?


wend said...

I am a complete goldfish so, unless I write a list or add it to my blackboard in the kitchen, its gone out of my head as quickly as it popped in! That said, I write a shopping list regularly and then leave it on the kitchen worktop when I leave the house - doh! Current list contains a reminder to renew the car insurance, sort out my banking and organise the accounts for the local village hall (I'm treasurer) - bad news is, as well as being forgetful, I'm also lazy in the cold weather!
other WR

Zed-Aitch said...

Lists are a must, especially grocery ones. If I don't write it down I invariably forget it, prompting another trip, which is awful in the winter. Although, like you, I grew up in Winnipeg, but (not like you) now reside in Halifax, where snow is much less frequent and is usually gone in under a week. I'm not sure if that makes being on the streets better or worse, though, since drivers here really don't know how to deal with winter :-). Oh, and, I loved "Devil May Ride" and am anxiously waiting to learn what's next... (that was a hint)

Wendy Roberts said...

WR, sounds like lists work for you :)

Zed-Aitch, you make me wonder if anyone (besides my family) is left in Winnipeg lol! Glad you loved Devil May Ride ... only 11 months until you find out what happens next he he

wend said...

Don't suppose I could have a copy of your list 'how to lose 10 pounds..' that you mention? 'Fat and 40' is gaining fast...
other WR