Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mr. Brooks

Saw Mr. Brooks on the weekend. Kevin Costner as a serial killer, what's not to love? He was brilliant! I thought William Hurt did a wonderful job of playing Marshall (Earl's imaginary enabler). I'm not a big Demi Moore fan and thought someone more believable should've played detective Tracy Atwood but I can't think of anyone specific.

Mostly, I saw this movie for the plot. I'd heard the movie did a great job of making you want to cheer for the killer. Since I try to create sympathetic antagonists in my stories, I found this intriguing. I didn't come away thinking, Yay, Earl, go murder more people! You're my hero! But I did feel I was getting a somewhat realistic glimpse into the heart and mind of a killer.

The movie had one moment that was a little startling but I'd already kind of figured it out so I didn't jump (even though my hubby did ha ha). The part of the daughter was interesting but it felt just thrown out there.

So if you've seen this movie, what was your opinion? If you haven't seen it, do you plan too?

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