Friday, June 19, 2009

Catch and Release?

Last night on the news I watched President Obama deftly smack down a pest that was bothering him. I was impressed because I'm really more of a fly chaser than a fly killer. It's not that I don't WANT to kill flies. I'm just not fast enough.

When I go after a fly it turns into a huge circus with me screaming at the kids "Do you see it? Where did it go?" and them yelling, "Over there by the lamp!"

Watching the president do it gave me fly-killing-envy. I wish I was such a smooth operator.

I'm not just after flies. Pretty much any insect in my house has chosen to die. I'm sorry, PETA, that's just how things are. Ever since the elbow breaking incident of 1996, I no longer climb on top of chairs to reach spiders on the ceiling but I still hate having them in the house. My husband is part of the catch and release program. However, I'm not above hiring hitmen/hitkids and ordering them to catch that sucker and flush it down the toilet.

How about you? Do you set the bugs free or search and destroy?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I'm all for killing bugs in the house, and certain bugs outside. Earwigs, for instance. I'm happy to stomp on them in their own environs. Hubby sometimes does the catch and release, but only for crickets or the occasional moth. Spiders die via the squash and flush method. Unless the cat gets to the bugs first.

Such a good kitty. =o)

Wendy Roberts said...

Your a woman after my own heart. Aren't earwigs gross? Shudder!

Dru said...

I will hunt, stalk and catch the fly and pity the little bugs because they will be smacked down and killed.

I never heard of earwigs.

Tori Lennox said...

Any bug that comes into my house is just begging to die.

I'd like to see what happens if those wacky PETA people were locked in a room with a bunch of mosquitoes. But I'm evil that way. *g*

ROFL! My captcha word is FLYDAR!!!

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru, earwigs look evil. Google 'em if you don't believe me.

Tori, LOL at FLYDAR!!!

wend said...

I do own a fly swat and an not afraid to use it! On the other hand, crawling things are 'catch and release' especially spiders, we don't kill them but instead have to rescue them before Holly, my evil springer spaniel, chews them up and leaves their mangled bodies on the floor. The one exception might have to be earwigs...
other WR

Darla said...

Any bug in my territory is fair game for squashing!

Now june bugs are always fair game no matter where they may be!