Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How's your elbow?

Once upon a time I fell off a chair and broke my elbow while trying to kill a spider for my daughter. After that I developed a live and let live attitude about spiders in the house. I also get pains in my elbow where surgery took place to remove bone fragments. I didn't think that pain had anything to do with my cell phone usage but apparently a lot of people "stress out the ulnar nerves" by over use of their phones.

Is it just me, or were other people hoping for a more dramatic injury to those who are chronic cell phone users? I'm not talking about the average person but the one whose having a private conversation loudly in public. The other day I was in the library ... the LIBRARY for Pete's Sake! ... and this woman was practically shouting into her phone. I wanted to yank the phone from her hand and beat her with it. Instead, I've decided to go non-violent. From now on I'll print out that CNN article on this elbow injury and hand out copies as a warning.

I admit I use my cell phone far more than I'd like. There's got to be some escape from the ring of the phone, right?

How about you? Are you at risk of an elbow injury?


Dru said...

Having had ulnar nerve surgery last year on my elbow, yes I'm prone to getting re-injured unless I win the lottery and don't have to use my elbows anymore.

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru, sorry to hear about your elbow! I think it would be an interesting experiment to try and go without using our elbows for a day!

wend said...

How spooky, I broke my elbow too when I was a kid! Took 18 months to heal properly and still 'locks up' now and again. I do own a mobile phone but only switch it on about once or twice a week! I'm more likely to suffer from a mouse related injury from lounging on the sofa with my laptop!
other WR (now fat and 40!)

Wendy Roberts said...

Wend, was that your right or left elbow? Mine's the right. Maybe we're secret twins ;)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ouch, sorry about your elbow. I haven't had a cell phone since 2001, and after the initial shock of being phoneless, I don't really miss it. (Unless I'm in the middle of nowhere and the car starts to make weird noises.)

You should get your library to institute a no cell phone policy. Ours has one, and it's great. If anyone wants to use their phone, they have to leave the building. It's probably inconvenient for some people, but it makes the library a quiet place. (Ya know, like a library ought to be.)

Wendy Roberts said...

B.E. the only people who usually call me on my cell are my children. Now I've got this fear-based thing going on that they might not be able reach me if I don't have it so I don't think I could give it up. Our library actually HAS a no cell policy. It just needs to be enforced!

How goes the writing?

wend said...

Oh my god! It is my right elbow!separated at birth (by a few thousand miles!)
Just had an e mail from my sister to say that she had had a reply from you too. She gave me my books back yesterday when we met up at the spa (my birthday massage!) Other half will now be able to finish reading them
other WR/twin

B.E. Sanderson said...

That's one of the things about homeschooling. I know where she is, and she knows where I am, because we're always together. (Which is both good and bad.)

The writing? It's not going as well as I'd like, but I'm hanging in there. Thanks for asking. =o)

Dru said...

Hey Wendy, your blog is listed in the Top 50 blogs in Mystery Novels Category

Holly Kennedy said...

I'm with you, Wendy. I HATE when people use cell phones in inappropriate places.

Oh, and I'm glad to hear you chose the non-violent approach :)