Sunday, June 14, 2009

How are YOU feeling?

June is always a crazy month for me. It's such a mix of feelings.

<--I'm feeling a little like this.
Intense panic because school will be out in about ten days. TEN days and that means the kidlets will be around ALL the time. I want to get a ton of pages done every day between now and then but it seems life just keeps getting in the way of serious writing time.

I also feel a certain amount of relief. It's the guilty relief that moms feel when they are sick and tired of making those damn lunches and driving the kids to school and to field trips all the time. Although that relief will quickly be replaced when I realize I still have to drive them everywhere all the time for their busy social lives during the summer.

This is how I felt during the MRI-->
My head stuck out of the thing so it wasn't nearly as claustrophobic as I expected. However, it was LOUD! I thought I'd be able to blissfully plot scenes in my head but instead I concentrated on not going deaf. And this was WITH headphones on! Why didn't anyone warn me it would be sooo loud?

The good thing about having a rainbow of emotions this month is that it makes it easier to have emotion on the page. Killing people off is easy. Having characters smooch and make up is also easy but, um, not after killing each other because that would be weird, even for me.

So how are YOU feeling this month? Are things crazy in your neck of the woods?


Your number one sis; said...

Here in Winnipeg the sunny days of summer have finally arrived after toooo many days of cold unseasonal temperatures. Sunny days always make me feel energized.

Dru said...

Except for last week, June is looking up and I hope it stays that way.

wend said...

We actually had a sunny weekend here in the UK - then today it chucked it down! I'm hoping that we have an OK summer - not too hot but not much rain (after the last 2 years of extreme flooding!) - being 'pale and interesting' I can't cope when it gets too hot!
other WR

Wendy Roberts said...

Hey Sis! Sunny days make me feel lazy :)

Dru, I hope the rest of the summer goes your way!

Wend, glad you got some sun this weekend. The older I get, the less I can stand the heat ;)

Tori Lennox said...

I'd be coping a lot better if we'd quit having storms and tornado warnings. I'm sick of both.