Monday, April 16, 2007

Desperate Characters

I love the show Desperate Housewives. I thoroughly enjoy the darkly comedic undertones but it's the characters that bring me back. What's not to like about a seemingly perfect suburb that's chock-full of sex-crazed women, murderers and secrets?

I watch Felicity Huffman playing Lynette Scavo and I think, I know women just like her. Of course the women I know aren't as vocal or as eloquent when telling off their husbands (or anyone else) but, hey, they WANT to be. When Lynette tells her husband she's been working her butt off to keep the family afloat and she doesn't have time to take care of him too, I'm sure I heard a chorus of women in the world shouting *Yes!*

Maybe that's the key. Creating larger than life characters who mirror people we know, or people we can relate too and making those characters bigger in every way.

So if Housewives isn't your cup of tea, what characters are you drawn to watch or read about?


Samantha Hunter said...

Hey Wendy -- fun blog. :)

I love DH, and Lynette is my favorite. I wish she had someone better than Tom! LOL

I also love Bones -- Tempe's character is one of my favorites, and I also never get tired of rewatching Buffy. I love Numb3rs, and The Closer.

I think you're right, that the characters take things that happen, or that we wish would happen, and they make them happen in this big way. It's not big romance fantasy, necessarily, but all the little fantasies we have every day, like having just the right thing to say at the right moment, or walking into a room and having everyone look, or being recognized as an expert in what we do... lotsa stuff. :)

Then, it's just fun. :)


Wendy Roberts said...

Hi Sam,
I love Bones and Numb3rs too. I've just started to watch The Closer so we have similar tastes :)

Do you think we'll see Lynette have an affair? I think it would spice up her character.

Samantha Hunter said...

I wish she would. I seriously don't like Tom. LOL

However, I can't see it in her, she's such a straight arrow. Then again, if Tom continues to be such an ass, maybe that's why they're building it that way, so that viewers wouldn't be mad at her if she did.

I'm only in the first season of The Closer, too, and while some of them are somewhat intense, I am completely fascinated by her. Love these amazing women characters.