Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My pal, Bully Bob

I have stress. I hear you thinking, don't we all? Yes. For me, today's stressers are:

* Four children (one a teenage girl) = Stress.
* Deadlines + computer woes = More stress.
* A warren of cute bunnies + newly planted lawn and garden = Stress.

But through it all, Bully Bob is there.

I love his durable, plastisol exterior. Though he has a scowling face, his inner cavity is filled with soft, urethane foam. Ahhh the pleasure I get from beating the crap out of him!

Everybody should have a Bully Bob punching bag to pummel on those bad days but, of course, not everyone does. How do you relieve stress?


Anonymous said...

I just pull a few teeth to remove a little stress, ;) Nice to have a job I can relieve my violent tendences.

Are these pet bunnies or wild bunnies? I'd like to get a pet bunny but I don't want anything more to take care of.


Wendy Roberts said...

Tiana, you always seem far too nice to be yanking out teeth for a living LOL!

My bunnies are definitely wild. They're all over our new back yard. Cute but pests!

Anissa said...

Well, I did battle with a dead tree this weekend. It both caused and relieved some stress (and bruises). Love your Bully Bob. Must find myself one of those...

Wendy Roberts said...

Anissa, you never said who won the battle with the tree! I guess if you ended up bruised, the tree is probably ahead.

Anissa said...

I consider myself victorious. The tree got its shots in, that's for sure, but I prevailed in the end. The evidence lies in pieces in the front yard. :)

My body will recover eventually...which is more than I can say for the tree.

ERiCA said...

LOL, I totally need one of these!!

Wendy Roberts said...

Erica, you're welcome to use mine if you're ever in Vancouver