Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marketing and Exploding Cows

If you haven't already seen this on YouTube, go ahead and click over there and then hop back.

Silly? Sure. But if there was a book title mentioned, you'd probably remember it, right?

Maybe my book isn't about The Secret Life of Cows, but I still have to fine tune my promo plan. I want my book title to be planted in your memory long enough for you to get to the book store or place that Amazon order :)

I've been thinking a lot about marketing. Sure Remains doesn't come out until December but I'm hard at work at the PR end of things. I've already booked a couple signings, booked myself to give a workshop at a big conference this fall and sent out a newsletter to booksellers. I'm thinking of contests too.

So, first of all, did you enjoy the exploding cows? Secondly, if I exploded things for promo, do ya think I'd sell more books?


Anissa said...

I'm just super curious what you might explode. ;)

Wendy Roberts said...

I guess cows are already taken. I suppose I could try giving out exploding bookmarks. Might destory the books though. Not to mention the law suits ... Obviously I need to give this more thought LOL

Anissa said...

I was picturing vaccuum cleaners...imagine the dust!