Monday, April 02, 2007

Mix Mash

For all those who emailed me wondering about gunshot residue in wax (nice to know my readers are as crazy as I am LOL), here are the facts as I was told: "It would be good detective work to search the wax for GSR and might work if the manicure took place within a few hours of the shooting, and the shooter hadn't washed her hands. The salon might be reluctant to give the police the wax, but if they had probable cause, the police could get a warrant. If the salon gave the wax without a warrant, the defense would no doubt claim illegal search and seizure."

So there you have it :)

It's been a weird few days. Woke up this morning to snow. That's right. Snow. It was like a bad April Fools joke a day late. It was gone by noon, thank goodness! And speaking of April Fools, my hubby thought it would be cute yesterday morning to hide my glasses (I keep them on the nightstand when I go to sleep). He also hid my contact lenses. Needless to say he will so NOT be doing that again. Funny thing how hot sauce found its way into his stuff he he he. I also gave the kids fortune cookies where I'd stuffed my own fortunes. Things like, "You've got a wonderful mom." and "You'll grow up to be rich and give your mom all your cash" and also "You're going to dream of a purple frog" (it was late when I started and I got tired).

Also on the weekend I took the kidlets to see Meet the Robinsons. I have to admit I love the commercial, "Bake those cookies Lucille!" But I was disappointed in the movie. It just felt all over the place. I did like the ending as well as the general theme and the animation was pretty good.

To end on another wierd note, a vegetarian friend sent me a link to this. If you follow that link, come back and tell me if you laughed as hard as I did :)


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I LOL! I like chicken.

Speedcat Hollydale

Wendy Roberts said...

Me too, Speedcat :) But do you like burgers?

Anissa said...

That was hilarious! I'm still laughing. :)

Thanks, Wendy.

BTW, I finally read your book. I was sick for a week and did very little (but read). Anyway...LOVED it! Cracked me up! :)

Can't wait for the new series.

Wendy Roberts said...

Anissa, thanks for picking up Dating Can Be Deadly! Sorry to hear you were sick. I hope when Remains comes out in December you can find time to read without being ill :)

Holly Kennedy said...

Hi Wendy -- Your husband hid your glasses; you put hot sauce on his food to retaliate?! Sounds like my house on the average day!! I never thought of making my kids their own fortune cookies, btw. What a great idea.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and pointing out that your Chapters had March 22 in their system as a release date for my latest novel.

Yes, Canada is supposed to have the same release date as the states, BUT someone at Chapters keyed in the wrong date (!!!!) although that was SUPPOSED to be fixed across Canada weeks ago.

Their online website has been fixed.

Can you tell me which store still has March 22nd and I'll let my publicist know? THANKS!! :)

Wendy Roberts said...

Hey Holly (my Penguin sistah), still shows as March 22nd (not just for my Surrey BC store). Oddly, my local Chapters says they've ordered some but haven't rec'd them yet and only the Richmond and Burnaby stores in the greater Vancouver area seem to have it now but I'm sure they're just slow. However, I will NOT give up. My local gal promises to call me as soon as she gets them :) And then I'll be blogging about your awesome book!

Anissa said...

I'm excited about Remains. Seriously, you totally made me laugh. The dating trios. The things Tabitha would rather do. All very funny. And can I just! You made me suspect everyone! Great job! :)

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks, Anissa! You totally made my day :)