Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Feb. 29th!

Since it only happens once every four years, it feels like a day worth celebrating :) We get an extra 24 hours gifted to us so it seems a shame to waste it. Of course if you work at a job where you are paid by salary, you're working an extra day for nothing but, hey, you can't have everything.

I've never been big on celebrating birthdays, so being born on Feb. 29th probably would've been fine with me. Unfortunately, I heard that people born on the 29th can be referred to as 'leaplings' so I've decided a regular birthday is much better than being referred to by that moniker.

If you follow superstitions, people in Greece supposedly consider it to be bad luck to be married in a leap year. However, for all you single ladies out there February 29th is the day you can propose to your man. Or to any man. I'd love to see masses of women out there proposing to random men just to shake things up LOL. I remember being in highschool and having a Sadie Hawkins dance where the girls asked the boys to the dance. It was the most well attended event because so many girls were tired of waiting to be asked!

Anyone planning on celebrating in the Sadie Hawkins tradition or have any Leap memories?

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conley730 said...

No leap memories stick out, but I do remember the Sadie Hawkins dances. Those were always fun. You finally got to ask that guy you had your eye on that had never asked you out.