Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do you see what I see?

My tired ol' green eyes aren't what they used to be. They've never been 20/20. At least not since well before I can remember. But contacts have served me well all of my adult life and I hardly ever think about my poor vision. Until now. Until my optometrist joked that my problem was that my arms were no longer long enough to properly hold a book. Yup. Not only has my farsighted vision become drastically worse, I can no longer see close up either. Biofocal time.

I was given some multifocal contacts to try and they weren't too bad but mostly they made me feel a little wonky. And not in a good way.

So now I've made a consultation appointment to discuss Lasic surgery. Truth of the matter is that even if I get the laser surgery, I'll most likely need reading glasses so I'm wondering if it's worth it.

Anyone out there had corrective eye surgery done, or have you considered it?


Allison said...

I had Lasik surgery 11 years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done (next to marrying my hubby). My vision was 20/800 - I wouldn't know who you were if you were 6 inches from me. I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade. 45 minutes after the surgery was done, I sat up and could see the clock on the far side of the room. I was so thrilled I started crying - my hubby teared up as well. And the first time I could actually see to shave my legs was a joy!
Now I can wear ANY sunglasses and see; I can wake up at night and see. So look into it and if the doc gives the go-ahead, you'll never regret it. Good luck to you!

Chandra Rooney said...

My stepmother has had it done, and she is so happy. :)

Reading glasses are so much cooler than bifocals, right?

Wendy Roberts said...

Allison, thanks so much for sharing your story!

Chandra, you're right about reading glasses being cool!

Shawna Avery said...


I had lasik done a few years ago and it's been absolutely wonderful.

The doc said at the time that I'd probably need reading glasses in ten years or so, but my reading vision is already going. Not to the point where I need glasses (yet!), but definitely a noticeable change.

Still, I'd have the surgery in a heartbeat.

Good luck with your decision!

Anne said...

I'm afraid to try it myself, but I heard you can get one eye done for close and one for distance and that eye takes over when needed--then you won't need the reading glasses. I use no line bifocals myself so no one can tell you are wearing them.

Bruno Hill said...

Hi Wendy! Have you had your Lasik consultation already? It's really hard to have blurry vision, especially if you have to rely on reading glasses all the time. I've read about this one blogger's surgery experience, and according to her, it was worth it. She doesn't have to wear her contacts anymore.