Sunday, March 30, 2008

Were You in the Dark?

Did you participate in Earth Hour 2008 and turn out your lights on Saturday evening for one hour? We did. I played the Fear Factor board game with my kids by candlelight.

I've tried to take the leap to be more energy conscience but it's a work in progress. For example, I've tried those energy efficient CFL light bulbs but I haven't been able to totally make the switch because I just don't find them bright enough. Living in the Pacific Northwest means it's quite dark for a lot of the year and I really get frustrated with low lighting.

I'm also big on recycling but had to give up composting because it attracted too many rats to our yard. How about you? What steps have you made to help out our planet?


Jana DeLeon said...

I changed to the CFL lights - they definitely help keep the room cooler - especially in Texas. Maybe if you try a stronger bulb it would be brighter? They do tend to take a while to "warm up."

I installed ceiling fans in the new house and use a box fan in my bedroom for extra trying not to run AC so much.

And I carpool with another girl who lives near me to save on gas.

Not about to do the compost pile - the dog would be all over (or in) that one. :)

conley730 said...

I have changed to the CFL lights too. The only thing I don't like about them is what Jana said about them taking a while to warm up. They're real dim when you first turn them on. When I turn the lights on in my boys' room they tell me it looks foggy!

Wendy Roberts said...

Yeah the bulbs warming up gets to me too. I had some in my garage, flicked the switch and then nearly tumbled down the stairs when the bulbs gave off only half the light at first LOL. Right now I've changed to the CFL's in areas like the bedrooms but kitchen, family room and my writing area are regular bulbs.

spyscribbler said...

CFL? I don't know what those are. We tried some of those energy-saving flourescent things, and I can't see! They look awful. They made the room look blue. I just can't do them.

I missed Earth Hour AND your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Holly Kennedy said...

Yup, we had all our lights out and remained in the dark for the rest of the night.

Otherwise, we're also a recycling family for sure and we're in the midst of changing all our household lighting.

One step at a time, but we're working on it :)