Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Motivates You?

Sometimes to get myself moving on a project I need a little motivation. I'll write an extra page for some chocolate but that's a helluva lot of chocolate if you're talking 400 pages so I need to mix things up a bit LOL!

The same is true for my kids. I thought I'd hold a contest to see who could make their bed the most times before heading off to school during the month of September. The prize was a marshmallow blaster. Only one of my four really, really wanted this gun. Only one child made their bed. I'll have to come up with different motivation.

I've had Jana DeLeon's new book Trouble in Mudbug sitting on my night stand for months. It was supposed to be my motivation to finish writing my new book. However, the book is going slow and I've been staring at Mudbug with longing so I'm going with a different approach. If I WRITE a chapter I get to READ a chapter. Things are moving along swimmingly now he he!

So what's your motivator to get the job done?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things that have kept me from blogging lately...

- went away to the Coastal Dance Rage convention with my daughter and the hotel's internet sucked.

- I had a 3 day migraine jag that ended with me finally giving in and going to see a new bone cruncher.

- We have 4 computers in the house and after one imploded two others were sabotaged by children including a mother board damaged by a too small sd card and a major spillage accident

What's your excuse for not doing what you should've been doing this week?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cherries are Fun!

Starting tomorrow I will be discussing DEVIL MAY RIDE as a guest on Jennifer Crusie's Cherry Forum. Come join the fun!

Go to the forum page here, then click on Cherry Forums Book Club (under Reading).

It's always a fun time with the Cherries. Come join the discussion :)

Sooo what's up? Anything exciting planned for your week?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Now Back to your Regularly Scheduled Laundry - AND A CONTEST!

How is it possible that you leave with a mid-sized suitcase for a family and return with a massive pile of laundry?

I did manage to get some good writing pages done. Mostly because I get up hours before anyone else so I can clickety clack on the ol' laptop before anyone needs/wants me for anything. I had hoped for wifi at the cottage. Had been promised that there was a somewhat finicky connection. Well, nothing. Nada. But, oh well, I survived. When I got back I had a huge scare because *gulp* the laptop I was using refused to start up! I had to bring it in for repairs and all I could think about while it was gone was whether I'd remember what I wrote. Luckily, whatever was broke got fixed by Mr. Computer Fixit who looked like he was all of twelve. Pages were saved - YAY!

My goal for this week is more pages (of course) but also getting the kidlets ready for back to school on Tuesday. I'm trying not to show too much enthusiasm but the kids sense my inner glee on this lol.

For all of you who read DEVIL MAY RIDE, I need to come up with five discussion questions for the Cherry Forums Book Discussion. So, of course, I'm having a contest he he. Email me or post your suggestions in the blog and you can win a book bundle surprise :)