Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book Title!

Yes, my Carina Press book due to be released in early 2013 has a title!

Grounds to Kill

Isn't that the most fabulous title for a paranormal mystery involving a gal working as a barista?! My fab editor is a creative genius.

Still hard at work finishing up Ghost Dusters #4. I'm in second draft mode which is not nearly as much fun as first draft mode because now I know whodunit. Entertainment wise it's kind of like watching the movie Sixth Sense for the tenth time, however, it's an important stage so I'm not taking it lightly.

What are you hard at work on these days?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Win a Sony E-Reader & some books

I assume you've been following Brenda Novak's annual auction to raise money to find a cure for diabetes. If not ... why not?

This is a great cause put on by a fabulous author.

Want a Sony E-Reader and some paperbacks donated by yours truly? 

Click here.