Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Disposable Parts

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be made of disposable body parts. Then again, maybe the warranty on my parts is just expiring.

I feel a little like the minivan I traded in last year. I should’ve traded that Ford in two years prior to it nickel and diming me to death. That’s how I feel about my body parts right now. Like they’re nickel and diming me to death. Well, not financially because I’m Canadian so technically I can remove all my body parts for free (unless it’s cosmetic surgery).

As you may have guessed by the beautiful photo above the body part giving me grief these days is my gallbladder. I have never had issue with this part until a few weeks ago. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I could’ve told you where that part was on my body a few weeks ago. Now I could point it out while gasping in pain.

I need someone to blame for all the pain I’ve been in and I’m blaming God and the Catholic church. I know, I know they’ve got their own problems and it’s like standing outside with a lightening rod in a thunder storm to blame God. But here’s the deal. He gave me a part of the body that technically I could live without and now the thing has expired before my personal expiration date so He created a faulty part. I take issue with that.

If He was Ford I’d be asking for a replacement part at His cost but apparently I don’t get a replacement gallbladder when they yank this one because I never really needed this one in the first place. It was like Ford put in an extra spark plug just for fun so that when you complained later they could yank it and tell you it was just a random thing you never needed.

Now the Catholic Church has their own stuff going on but I did need to pause a moment to blame them for my gallbladder issues too. Why? Because I fasted during lent. I’ve done a LOT of reading about gallbladder issues and one of the ways you can trigger problems with your gallbladder is to fast. Who knew? Okay, so maybe I should take a little of that heat myself because I always fast a few days during lent and usually I do it more because it helps as a lead-in to my annual spring diet and not necessarily only for spiritual benefits.

So how about you? Any disposable parts giving you issues these days?