Friday, July 31, 2009


Here are a few pictures of the writers hard at work on Bowen Island :)

Here we are in the beautiful gardens of the Old Dorm. Trust me, we were just about to write. Or maybe we'd just finished.

This is me at Snug Cove. Our path to dinner went right past this beautiful spot. Honest, we were writing hard before we left.

I was sitting at the table in the distance and, yes, I believe some pages were written just prior to photo.

Mary Forbes in front of the Old Dorm sign as we said goodbye.

Hey, it may look like it was all fun in the sun but we really did get lots of work done!

I've got a bag of books ready to mail off to the winner of my vacation contest. Where oh where have you gone? Do you have any pics or links?

Don't forget to post a comment about your favorite vacation spot, include a link to pictures if you can, and I'll put your name in a draw for some great summer reading material!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Cool!

I really enjoyed my time on Bowen Island with friend Mary J. Forbes.

Dan the man who runs The Old Dorm B & B where we stayed, made sure we were well pampered and taken care of. We'd feast on his marvelous breakfast, write, wander the lagoon to visit the cantankerous swan that likes to bully the ducks and then return to write some more.There were only a few restaurants open mid-week on Bowen but we managed to try most for lunch or dinner and established Tuscany's as our favorite,just like it was when we visited a couple years ago.

It's been hard keeping up the writing schedule now that I'm home. Mostly because it is so darn HOT! We're having a heat wave and I am so NOT used to this kind of weather.

Sooo any advice to keep cool in a home without a/c?

Don't forget to post a comment about your favorite vacation spot, include a link to pictures if you can, and I'll put your name in a draw for some great summer reading material!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Where oh Where Have You Gone?

I'm in Bowen Island this week writing my little heart out with friend and author Mary J. Forbes .

How is your summer going? Are you travelling the world? Firing up the barbeque in your own back yard?

Post a comment about your favorite vacation spot, include a link to pictures if you can, and I'll put your name in a draw for some great summer reading material!

Prize draw will be in about 10 days :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Poor Wienermobile!

If you're having a bad day just count your blessings. Like you probably don't have the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashing into your home. The giant hot dog on wheels was driving down a road and the 22-year old driver was trying to turn it around in a driveway. She thought she was in reverse and went forward.

<-- I don't know what she's smiling about!

Sometimes you just got to have patience..Even if there's a big sale at the mall, you've gotta look for a parking spot.

My obsession with car wrecks this week? It's true. My eldest is learning to drive.

It feels like just yesterday that I was the one being tentative behind the wheel and hoping the car wouldn't roll backward at a light while I figured out the clutch from the brake. I remember very clearly having the car on my own for the first time and heading off to the mall. At a light there was a very attractive young man in a convertible next to me. I was sooo busy smiling and making goo goo eyes at him that I thought all the vapour around me was the blurriness that comes with true love. Unfortunately, my car had overheated LOL!

How about you? Any new driving stories?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lost & Found

I recently read this article about a woman's wallet found in a cherry tree in New York's Central Park. The woman had her wallet stolen in the park in 1982. Recently workers were chopping down the tree and found the wallet inside the hollow trunk. Twenty bucks was missing but the driver's license and credit cards were still in tact.

<-- The article made me think of this book.
I received the Anne of Green Gables series as a gift about 30 years ago and somewhere along the way this particular book went missing. The others are still on my bookshelf but one day I'd love to find this book. Maybe not in a cherry tree because it would surely be mulch by now but perhaps tucked into a box with mismatched socks in the back of my mother's old basement.

Of all the things I've ever lost (besides my mind) I miss this book the most.

How about you? What have you lost that you wish you'd find?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day! Or, as we like to call it around my house, Happy Oldest Child's Birthday!

Yes, sixteen years ago I spent Canada Day in 16 hours worth of pain to bring forth my first born. In honor of my pain the country announced a national holiday and my daughter always has fireworks on her special day. It's the least everyone could do lol!

Here are the names of a few other Canadians you might know:

Alex Trebek
Art Linkletter
Brendan Fraser
Carrie Anne Moss
Catherine O`Hara
Corey Haim
Dan Akroyd
Donald Sutherland
Glenn Ford
Howie Mandel
Jim Carrey
John Candy
Keanu Reeves
Kim Cattrall
Leslie Nielsen
Lorne Greene
Martin Short
Matthew Perry
Michael J. Fox
Mike Myers
Pamela Anderson
William Shatner

By the way, speaking of something non-Canadian, are you following this year's episodes of American's got Talent? I'm hooked on the show!