Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh the Horror

I toddled off to the Surrey International Writers Conference without telling you. It was in my own backyard but I got to stay at the hotel and work until late so it was just like getting away. I also hooked up with some great people to help me with research for my current novel and I've spent a few days emailing back and forth with them making sure I get some things just right.

As you can see by the above picture my decapitation turned out rather well.

We've also got a dozen other haunted creatures around our yard and here are just a few.

This weekend our home will boast Little Red Riding Hood, Ringo Starr, an Alien and couple as of yet undecided.

So what's scary in your world this week?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turkey and other Decapitations

This weekend was Thanksgiving up here in the Cold White North (neither cold nor white this weekend but it'll come).

I did not put on the feast and instead we attended at my mother-in-law's. Nice because it's all the fun with far less work. Then again no turkey sandwiches today. Oh well. I'm willing to pay that price.

My goal this week is to write at least 40 new pages in my work in progress to make up for the 40 I had to delete last week. Let's not go there since the memory is still too painful.

Other goals involve getting the house ready for Halloween. This means that today, after I get my word count for the day completed, I will be creating a paper mache neck stub for a decapitated man. Yes, we'll still have victims under the front wheel of the car in the driveway and also someone's bloody torso crushed under the garage door but, hey, we needed something new this year and decapitation seems the way to go.

How about you? Thinking yet of new pages, deleted pages and/or decapitation or Halloween?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Afraid of the Swine?

My youngest is home sick with the flu. Fever and general yuckiness that I can feel seeping its way over to me. I'm attacking with mega vitamin c and other goodies.

All this talk of Swine Flu doesn't help. In Canada 600 people have died from H1N1. In a regular year, over 4,000 die from the annual flu. I'm of the belief the panic about the swine is overrated. Can I please put in a request that something else be discussed on tv and radio for the next month???? Sheesh!

That said, when you're sick, you're sick and it's no fun.

Anyway, since flu thoughts have invaded my brain I had to give my latest character the flu. Just for fun. And also because I haven't decided if she's a good guy or bad guy. Right now she could go either way. She also has no name yet. She's a short, plump redhead with collagen lips and a lot of piercings.

Any name suggestions would be welcome :)