Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What gets you off your duff?

I've been sick with a stomach flu but the worst seems to be over. Still, I'm dragging myself around wondering how to get my energy back.

Today in the shower I even shampooed with Suave's Tangerine shampoo. Big deal, you say? Well, on the back it says:
"In between grocery shopping and dry cleaning pick-up, treat your hard-working self to this invigorating tangerine scented shampoo that gently cleanes."

So what, you say? Well on the directions it says:

"Lather into hair. Inhale pure tangerine bliss. Then rinse. Hop out feeling ready to face the laundry with a renewed vigour."
Even when I'm not sick I gotta tell you that laundry is not fun and I certainly have never approached it with anything close to 'vigour'.

I lathered.
I rinsed.
I even repeated.
Still no vigour for laundry or much else. I'm going to stick with a triple-tall-low-fat-latte.

How about you? What gets you off your duff when your energy is low?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Does your mind work like this?

At four in the morning our house alarm went off. The kids slept through it and my husband almost did but I got up and searched the premises and concluded a curtain caught in a window was the most likely culprit. The alarm company confirmed it was that particular window causing the grief so that's it, right? Except...
In my mind that was just a red herring. You see, the murderer entered the house and slipped a corner of the drapes through the window as he closed it to make it look like that was the problem.

I went back to sleep and got up a couple hours later at my usual time. I brushed my teeth and then my hair. Rinsed off the toothbrush but hesitated before cleaning out the hair brush... In my mind those loose hairs would be needed for DNA testing.

I went downstairs and headed for the coffee. The coffee maker had been set on a timer and had brewed my coffee in advance an hour earlier. It was sitting there waiting for me. And as I poured it...
I wondered if I'd be able to detect the crushed pills slipped into my coffee. The meds would be just enough meds to make me groggy and unable to fight off an attacker...maybe even unsure about posting my blog this morning.

How about you? Any rambling murder plots running through your morning?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey, I found out what's happening over in:

Rhonda's Corner of the World
... a great review :)

Click over to see what she thinks of Remains of the Dead.

What's happening in your corner?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Unlucky ... or Love

Yup. It's Friday the 13th. I'm not normally superstitious but I did step on a staple this morning and it imbedded itself in my heel. Luckily my heel is much like my head; thick. The pain and blood were minimal. All and all it was just a reminder that I could use a pedicure.

Pedicures make me think of dating. Because, after all, what's the point of having nice feet if nobody gets to see them? Valentine's Day tomorrow and because it's a Saturday I imagine restaurants will be swarming with those who are in love or those who just love spending a lot of money on a nice meal.

I'm thinking heart-shaped Rice Crispy treats might be enough to keep everyone in the Roberts house happy.

How about you? Wrapping yourself in bubble wrap to protect yourself from the evils of Friday the 13th or planning a feast of treats for tomorrow?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new week

I'm having a new week. I've bought a new (to me) vehicle; a 2008 Dodge Caravan. It's nice to have a new vehicle because my old van (2002 Windstar) known as Bessy # 2 was giving me all kinds of headaches. Bessy # 3 (new van) isn't exciting. It's a work horse. It will serve an important purpose like my fridge and stove. The salesman tried (and tried and tried) to get me excited about buying the vehicle. I explained that I drive a van because I have four kids and they always bring friends. I don't drive a van because I find it to be an exciting vehicular adventure.

Now I would've been very excited if the new vehicle was this -->

In keeping with my new week. I'm off to get my hair done this morning. Covering the gray is a definite and so is a cut. I'd like to go new in style but I'm likely to chicken out.

You see usually when I opt for new hair I have visions <-- of this

But usually I end up with
something like this -->

How about you? Anything new in your life this week?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Treasure Anyone?

The HMS Victory was the biggest, fastest and most complext ship of its kind when it sank in the 1700s killing all 900 seamen aboard. The Discovery Channel has recently reported that the wreck has been discovered at the bottom of the sea. They'll know for sure if they uncover the over 40 tons of gold that was to be aboard.
40 tons!
The biggest find I ever made was a one carat diamond in a baseball glove. Of course it was my one carat diamond that had been knocked from my engagement ring during a vicious baseball practice. Still, it was a valuable find!

How about you? What is your greatest find? And, if you could, would you don scuba gear and go searching for gold?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I'm doing it a lot lately.
Talking to myself, I mean.

Often times it's little mumbles and grumbles while trying to work out a scene or dialogue. However, now that I have Bella the Beautiful stalking my every move at home, I find I'm speaking to her. At least it APPEARS I'm speaking to her. In actuality when I ask her questions like, "Do you think it's a disruption of plot for another murder to take place so soon in the story?" mostly the dog just licks herself. This leads me to believe that I am still talking to myself just using the poor pup as a furry sounding board.

So do you talk to yourself? If you do, does yourself answer?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Groundhog Day

While I'm enjoying the company of friend Mary J. Forbes and having writing related (and non-writing related) discussions, it has come to my attention that old furry butt saw his shadow.
Six more weeks of winter? I don't think so. I demand a recount. I say we drag the damn rodent out of his hole tomorrow and make him try again.

How about you? Sick of winter yet?