Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paperwork will kill you

Yup I've been buried under paper. The fun kind and the not-so-fun kind

- preparing to do my taxes (not-so-fun)

- researching a new novel (fun!!!!!)

The problem with dealing with paperwork is that it will take over your life if you allow it. I started with one small box of receipts and I swear it generated into a week of copying, emailing and faxing. It's sick really.

When I was hired to work at an insurance company in the early eighties I was given a computer (still in the box) and was told to try and make it work because our goal was to become a PAPERLESS OFFICE (my boss always spoke in all caps). Well, when I left the company 10 years later I'm pretty sure I'd personally been responsible for the slaughter of thousands of acres of forest. We're talking landfills of paperwork.

Researching my new book has turned into a bit of a paperwork nightmare too. I'm trying not to abuse my printer and use massive reems of papers so instead I've been using post it notes. I've got them all over my computer, fridge and, yes, even on the dashboard of my car. I need a post it intervention.

How about you? Does paperwork tend to rule your life or do you have the monster under control?