Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don’t Blog While You’re Hungry

I love to munch while I work. Snacking while typing can have horrible side effects. My ass has been known to double in size while I write a couple hundred pages. In the interest of saving the springs in my chair and the seams of my jeans, I’ve been experimenting with non-fattening snacks.

First of all, it’s gotta be salty. Roll a carrot in salt and I’d probably be fine except the salt won’t stick to the carrot. Baked potato chips sounded like the perfect alternative except I find they’re only tasty when slathered in Heluva Good French Onion dip. 

Lately I’ve been consuming lots of pretzels. After a while it’s a lot like sucking on sand.

I’m off to write chapter 10 of Ghost Dusters 4 and plow my way through a bucket of baked crackers.

So what do you crunch when you wanna munch but don’t want to increase your jean size?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dating Can Be Deadly!!

By the title of this blog I’m not referring to my own love life (or lack thereof). I am talking about my very first published book Dating Can Be Deadly. The book was published in trade paperback in 2005 by Red Dress Ink and now the story is available as an ebook. And by “now” I mean right now. Today. For the first time evah. Can I get a woo hoo?!

In other totally unrelated but even MORE fabulous news, I sold another book! Can I get a double woooo hoooo?! The story I wrote last year tentatively titled, Wrong Channel, has been purchased by Carina Press

Due to the magical ways of the publishing world this book will probably hit the internet before Book 4 of the Ghost Dusters series. This is mostly because Wrong Channel is already written and Book 4 is still in my itty bitty head (except for the 150 pages on my laptop).

I don’t have an official release date for the Carina Press book but the tentative date is January 2013.

Now, back to Dating Can Be Deadly. If you only joined me for the Ghost Dusters or (heaven forbid) have never read ANY of my books, Dating is an awesome opportunity to see if you like me, um, I mean my writing.

So get your little cursor over to anywhere and everywhere you buy your ebooks (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your independent store) and check it out!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My Weird Little Thing

I've put aside the story I was working on the last few months in order to work on the next Ghost Dusters book. For a while I was writing both stories. I'd work a few pages on one and then switch to do a few on the other. However, one story is in first person and the other in third. I ended up being all discombobulated and confuzzled. I was worried I'd end up talking about myself in the third person and annoying everyone more than usual. 

 I'm really getting into the story and things are flowing nicely. Like my hair. The thing is, I really have a hard time writing if I don't tie back my hair. I don't know why the two things are connected but apparently my brain won't create if I don't have my locks tied back in a ponytail. Once during a particularly tough time of writer’s block, I considered a brush cut. 

 Now my hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. I have a hair appointment Friday and, although it's just a trim, I'm a little worried too much will come off and I'll not be able to tie it back. This happened once before when I was in the middle of the first draft of Devil May Ride. I would take a hair elastic and pull just the top hairs into a tiny little ponytail while I was writing. I looked like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. One time the UPS guy came to the door and when I answered he gave me a funny look. After that I tried not to show the itty bitty ponytail to anyone. I gave up writing at Starbucks until my hair grew. 

 So that's my weird little thing. There are others but I don't know most of you well enough to share them. Do you have any weird little things that help you work?