Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bah Humbug

My thirteen year old daughter pointed out to me that I’m not a normal woman. What she meant was that I don’t share her fondness for shopping. Let’s be clear. I hate shopping at the best of times but Christmas shopping is particularly despicable. This year has been particularly horrendous because I didn’t want to start my shopping until I moved into our new house. Usually, I try and finish my shopping before flipping the calendar to December to avoid the crowds. Today I will find myself in the mall for the third day in a row, my eyes glazed over from the pain. Dealing with surly clerks and pushy shoppers only makes coming home that much better.

Good news! I received my editorial letter the other day so when I’m not shopping I can get my head into work fun. Shopping *ugh*. Now that’s work!


Mary said...

Wendy, I'm with on the shopping at this time of year--especially with the traffic! Yikes.

Wendy Roberts said...

Hi Mary! Yes, traffic in my neck of the woods is awful.