Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Coincidence or fate?

As you're probably aware by now, my book The Remains of the Dead is about a woman who does trauma cleanup. It is a fascinating, although not exactly common, occupation.

Today I pulled up to a store and parked right next to a vehicle with a company logo advertising trauma cleaning. Strange. Then I walked inside the store and I see a man paying for his purchases at the register. Somehow I just know that this tall, good looking man (who looks just like hero, Zack Bowman, does in my imagination)must own that vehicle. Of course I ask and, of course, he does. But his name is not Zack. Nope. It's Brian. In my book, Brian is the heroine's brother. Her dead brother. It gave me chills.

Not only does this guy operate a trauma cleaning company just blocks from my house but he also happens to know Theresa Borst quite well. Theresa is the president of Bio Clean Inc and the person who has answered my millions of questions on trauma cleaning in Seattle. As a matter of fact, Theresa trained Brian.

All of this coincidence on Halloween. Which, by the way, is the anniversary of the date I sold my three-book trauma clean series to Penguin Books.

Do strange coincidences ever happen to you?

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