Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Ghost and My Computer

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've had strange computer woes that have finally *hopefully* resolved!

For this week's ghost, we're going to a Toys R Us in Sunnyvale California. Supposedly, this ghost tosses things off shelves and makes icy cold spots in places in the store. Psychic, Sylvia Brown, had photographers document a seance in the store using a both an infared camera and highspeed film. The above photo was the infared shot taken at the exact moment of a high speed picture. Only the infared picture shows the man leaning in the doorway in the background. The ghost is Johnny, a young man who bled to death in a farming accident long ago near the store's location.

How are things with you? Any ghosts or computer woes in your life?


Anissa said...

My mom adores Sylvia. I got tickets for us to see her farewell tour last month. She's really funny!

I think she mentioned this Johnny. What an amazing picture! Thanks for sharing. :)

Nancy Warren said...

Ooh, that picture sent a chill across my skin. I think it's the casual way he's standing there as though he has no idea he's not alive. You give me the same chill in your Ghost Duster books!!!

Hope your computer ghost is now exorcised.