Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling Spookified

I love Halloween!
We spent the weekend carving pumpkins and decorating the house and I hope to have some pictures this week to share.

The first decorations are up but we'll add more gruesome carnage as the week goes on. Some things we'll leave until Halloween night ... like the the body under our garage door and the one under the front tire of the car.

It's great that Halloween falls on a Friday this year. It gives parents and kids alike the chance to recover from the sugar buzz!When the kids were little we had Pooh Bears and Princesses. This year we're having Zombie Rock'n Rollers and Flesh Eating Monsters LOL.

Do you do any preparations for the great big Boo? I'm a sucker for the mini chocolate bars. Any favorite candies?


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the seven hour (wow!) live Ghost Hunters event on the Sci Fi Channel on Friday. Fun!

LOL! My word verification word is "baying" (at the moon?).

stephhale said...

I'm so lame, I'm giving out stickers this year. I didn't want the temptation around. :) My boys are dressing up like scuba divers this year.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I haven't done anything for Halloween yet. Now that our daughter is a teen it's just not as important to her, and so I don't get into the holiday. I'll probably pick up way too much chocolate to hand out and end up eating all the leftovers myself. Haven't decided whether we're doing a jack-o-lantern this year. Eh, I'm just not in the Halloweenie spirit this year.