Thursday, November 20, 2008

Babies and Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has given me nothing but grief since I got a new computer with Vista. I hate this program. Even as a wordsmith, I have trouble finding all the nasty words I could use to describe how much I despise this program. If I could, I'd take the entire computer outside and have a massive bonfire. Anyone else have issues with this program?

On a more positive note, in just a few weeks I'm going to be having a little furry baby. I may be a little biased but I'm thinking she's just about the cutest little girl in the world :)

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Dru said...

Is it Vista you hate or Outlook? That's one of the reasons why when I got my new computer, I requested Windows XP be installed on it. Now if you get a computer you have to pay an additional $100 to get XP installed. Microsoft is making big bucks off of us.

She is a cutie.

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru I hate Vista. Right now though it is only Outlook behaving badly *sigh* If I it to do over again I'd definitely get XP installed even for the $100 :/

Anonymous said...

We ordered my dad a re-certified IBM system this week and I was thrilled that it came with XP Pro instead of Vista. Of course, I'm a Mac girl, but getting him a Mac was a bit too steep right now.

Your fur baby is sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

That's why I use a Mac :-)

Cute, cute, puppy! However will you get any work done when you have her to play with?


Wendy Roberts said...

Tori, I'm believing that re-certified is the way to go if you can't get a mac.

Zita (another Mac fan!) sinca all my deadlines will be met by the time she arrives, I'm hoping housebreaking won't take too long so I can jump into the next project lol!

wend said...

I use Vista but don't have Outlook on my laptop - instead I use Windows Live Mail which has been fine and links with my Messenger. It doesn't have its own calendar like Outlook but everything else is great. My old desktop still has XP and Outlook if I get too nostalgic!
As for the puppy, well I'm a huge dog lover and have 3 rescues! My avatar is 'Maggie May'
The other Wendy Roberts
PS: Not long now before your new book is released in the UK and mine is on pre-order at Amazon!

Wendy Roberts said...

Hi other WR! :)
I've heard good things about Live Mail maybe I'll give that a try. Maggie May is adorable!
Be sure to let me know when that pre-order arrives and how you like it!